Congratulations, you have just completed your first fvwm2rc file. Its my hope that you have gotten some basics about how FVWM is configured, and maybe a small glimpse of how much freedom you have. All of the stuff mentioned so far is what I would consider the basics for any FVWM desktop. As an over view recall that we looked at how to set up global settings such as 'Styles' to control the behavior of FVWM. We then saw how to create functions, set up bindings, build a Decor and a create Menus. Finally we got to see some of the Modules we could use to add onto FVWM.

The fvwm2rc file that this guide creates can be found here, so you can see it all in one page. Also if you you use this fvwm2rc file with the images I provided your desktop will look something like;

The rest of this guide will include some more bells and whistles you could add to your config along with the resources and references I have seen and used in my experience with FVWM.

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