Hyndman Peak

Hyndman Peak is the 9th tallest peak in Idaho at an elevation of 12,009, the smallest of the Idaho 12,000+ foot peaks. The peak itself is the tallest in the Pioneer Mountains, which are outside of Sun Valley. The standard route from outside of Sun Valley is class 2 climb and its location provides an excellent view of the Idaho mountains.

Trip Report

Hyndman Peak was once believed to be the highest in all of Idaho. Yet standing at an elevation of 12,009 feet, it comes in number nine and is the smallest of the nine 12,000+ peaks in Idaho. Despite all this it is the tallest peak in all of the Pioneer Mountains in which it resides. So on a weekend near the end of July my band of friends and I went to climb the smallest twelve thousand foot peak in Idaho.

For this climb I rounded up a larger group than usual and it ended up being Tony, Shane, Jason with his bloodhound Jack and myself who met up and headed towards the trail head. We made it to the trail head just after dark and found ourselves a little secluded camp site just below the parking area. There the four of us had a great night catching up, sharing stories and enjoying the camp.

The next day we moved our camp up to the base of the peaks. Our route was 6 miles to the high mountain meadows resting below the peaks. The first 3 miles were up an old road. Then the route went up an unmarked sheep trail, made and used by the sheep herders of the area. The last three miles the trail headed out of the nice valley, got steep and headed up into the mountains. We finally found a nice camp resting underneath the north face of Cobb Peak. After we setup camp John, his dog Lizzy and Lauri caught up with us and the group now consisted of 6 humans and 2 dogs.

After a night of rest we woke the next day to begin our climb to the top of Hyndman Peak. Not all of us would make it to the top. First off Jason and Jack had to get back to civilization early and left after we had gotten ourselves together for the day hike ahead of us. The rest of us made our way to the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman Peak. From the saddle it was only going to be John, Lizzy, Lauri and myself who would make it to the top. Shane and Tony started up the actual mountain but chose to only make it to what they deemed as the 11,000 foot mark and then made their way back to camp.

The climb from the saddle to the summit is a long class 2. The grade is steep but there was no reason to scramble, it was just 1.3 miles of a constant steep grade along the ridge. From the top of the peak we had a grand view of all the mountains around us. We could clearly see all the Pioneers, the White Clouds, The Lost River Range and the Sawtooths as the major mountains around us. Besides that we could see the Lemhi Range far to the east and numerous of smaller groups of mountains. After spending an hour or so atop the peak and watching the clouds move and drift to allow the sun to lighten up the many peaks we began our decent back to camp.

We followed the major flow down the peak as it went down a little gully instead of the ridge we just came up. Working our way down we took our time and explored a bit on our way back to camp. We spent one last night at our camp and then made our way back home the next day.

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