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USGS Peak is the 10th highest mountain in Idaho with an elevation of 11,982 feet. At one point in time this mountain was thought to have an elevation fo 12,000 feet, but after it was surveyed again in 1965 (with flares), its more accurate height was found. This peak is fairly remote in the Lost River Range and not easily visable from the valley below. The climb is quite long and requires hiking 4000+ feet up through talus. The hike takes you into the heart of the Lost River Range and gives you a great view of the mountains.

Standhope Peak

Standhope Peak is the fourth tallest peak in the Pioneer Mountains with an elevation of 11,878 feet. The approach to this mountain is mostly on trail with a nice trail system that starts at the Broad Canyon Campground. From there is a loop that goes between all the lakes and gets a trail that gets to a nearly 11,000 foot saddle. From the saddle you follow the ridge up to the summit.

Big Creek Peaks

Big Creek Peak is the most proment peak in the central Lemhi Mountains. At 11,350 feet this peak sits up above Big Creek and gives a great view (if it wasn't so smokey). This hike started at Big Creek Campground and took me for a loop that took me up to the ridge line that included Big Creek Peak and then along the ridge line to summit four peaks, one of which was Flat Iron Mountain with an elevation of 11,019 feet.

Grouse Creek Peak

Grouse Creek Peak is an 11,085 foot peak located in the Pahsimerio subrange of the Lost River Mountains.

Doublesprings Peaks

Doublesprings Peak is a 11,611 foot peak north of Mount Borah. Due to a low saddle Doublesprings Peak is in a small group of peaks that give a great view of Mount Borah's north face. This hike was a long loop that took me to the top of three 11,000+ foot mountains including Doublesprings Peak, Horseshoe Mountain and Mahogany Trident.

Upper Trail Creek Loop

The upper part of trail creek is a nice area for camping outside of Ketchum, Idaho. My wife, our two dogs and myself decided to take a hike on a trail that looped up one fork of Trail Creek and down another. The hike was fun, but the trail was mostly lacking besides for a few miles near the bottom of the loop.


Big Black Dome is a large rounded mountain located at the edge of the Pioneer Mountains above Copper Basin. The mountain was a nice morning climb up one of its ridges. Once on the top I turned the hike into a loop by following the ridge over to another small point (which I saw 7 mountain goats on the back side of) then down another ridge.

Lost River Twins

The Lost River Twins are called the North Twin (11081) and the South Twin (11070) and are the only two peaks above 11,000+ feet south of Pass Creek in the Lost River Range. This hike took me up Elbow Canyon and to the summit of both peaks.

Cobb Peak

Cobb Peak is located in the Pioneer Mountains with an elevation of 11,650 feet. Cobb Peak is part of three peaks known as the Pioneer Triumvite (Trifecta) which includes Cobb, Hyndman and Old Hyndman Peaks. This mountain sits out from the main divide and proivded an execelent view of the range.

Galena Peak

Galena Peak is located in the Boulder Mountains. It is the northern most 11,000+ foot peak in the range with an elevation of 11,153 feet. These photos come from a hike in which I walked up the top of the peak along one ridge and then descend down another.
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