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North Loon Mountain

2016-09-05 -> 2016-09-07
North Loon Mountain is the higest mountain in the Lick Creek Range of the Salmon River Mountains. The previous year I had tried to climb the mountain by first climbing South Loon and then walking the ridge between them. But due to the fires in the area and lack of any trail maitence since then, traveling to the mountain took a lot longer than anticipated and I only had time to climb South Loon. This time I approached the mountain from the other side by first back packing into Loon lake then climibing the mountain from there.

Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon is a national park that is an old lava flow created by the hot spot which is now under Yellowstone. My wife and I took a day to visit the park and check out some of the unique features of lava flows.

Ajax Peak

Ajax Peak is located on the Contential Divide in the Beaverhead Mountains outside of Salmon, Idaho. Ajax was the name of my wife's dog who had passed away eariler that year, and in his honor we both climbed to the top of this 10,028 foot peak.

Shelly and Redbird Mountains

Shelly Mountain is the highest mountains in the White Knob Mountains, with an elevation of 11,278 feet, while Redbird Mountain comes in close second with an elevation of 11,273 feet. These photos are from a day hike in which I started at Antelope Pass and walked the ridge over to these two mountains and climbed them both.

Devil's Bedsted West

Devil's Bedstead West is located in the Pioneer Mountains with an elevation of 11,051 feet. This mountain is named Devil's Bedstead on the USGS quad, but some (including myself) think this was a map error. This is an impressive mountain but compared to the other mountains that are all almost 12,000 feet near by, this mountain is small in comparision. On the otherside of Kane creek is a very impressive looking mountain, called Devil's Bedstead East the original Bedstead.

Norton Peak

Norton Peak is located in the Smokey Mountains outisde of Ketchum. While camping on the Wood River, I took a day hike that climbed to the top of Norton Peak and completed a loop though the lakes on the way.

Langer Peak

Langer Peak is a mountin near Ruffneck Peak. This was a day trip back into the area to see what it looked like after the fire. The peak was named after a ranger who died in a plane crash while searching for a bomber that had gone missing (turned out it crashed into Mount Borah). The register at the top of the mountain contained the signiture of the son of Ranger Langer.

Bull Trout Point

Bull Trout Point is the high point above Bull Trout Lake area. The point has an elevation 8867 feet and these photos were taken on a loop I took while camping in the area.

High Sierra Trail

2015-08-02 -> 2015-08-08
The High Sierra Trail travels through Sequoia National Park. The trail starts near the Giant Forest and walks across the park. The trail joins up with the John Muir trail and after 60 miles ends at the top of Mount Whitney, the highest in the lower 48 states with an elevation of 14,505 feet. These photos are taken along a 6 day backpacking trip to reach the top of Mount Whitney.

Red Mountain

Red Mountain is the higest point in Baker County, Oregon, with an elevation of 9560 feet.
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