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South Loon Mountain

South Loon Mountain is located in the Lick Creek Range of the Salmon River Mountains outside of McCall, Idaho. South Loon is the neighbor to North Loon which is the highest mountain in the Lick Creek Range.

South Sister

South Sister is the tallest of the Three Sisters outside of Bend Oregon and the prominate peak in the area. The peak has an elevation of 10,358 feet. There is a main trail that heads up off the casade lakes highway that gets lots of climbers. I decided to take a trip and do a quick climb up the trail with South Sister as my 100th summit.

Seven Devils - Sheep Lake

2013-08-13 -> 2013-08-15
I have returned yet again to the Seven Devil Mountains. These mountains are wonderful to visit and due to the fires smoking out other parts of the state I found this place an escape from the smoke. I took three days and hiked a friend into Sheep Lake over the Sheep Trail. After spending two nights camping at Sheep Lake we walked out and went to the look out at Heavens Gate to look back at the mountains.

Freeman Peak

Freeman Peak sits just off the Contential Divide outside of Salmon Idaho in the Beaverhead Mountains. The peak itself is part of a few peaks that domainte the skyline from Salmon Idaho and one I have wanted to climb for years. I finally made it up to the top to find a large 10 foot tall carin with a nice throne on the side to sit on and look over the Salmon Valley.

Bell Mountain

Bell Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the Lemhi Mountain range and the tallest in Lemhi County. The two tallest mountains in the Lemhi Mountains are Bell and Diamond on the southern end and are both easly seen from all sides as they stick a few hunder feet above their neighbors. Though the summit is shaped like a giant bell the mountain was named after the first mining inspector of Idaho.

Sacajawea Peak

Sacajawea Peak is the tallest peak in the Wallowa Mountains and is located in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The climb has a nice trail all the way to the summit and starts in Hurricane Creek. The climb is about 4800 feet of elevation in 7 miles on way and gives you a great view of the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

Mount Cramer

Mount Cramer is the second tallest mountain in the Sawtooths at an elevation of 10,716 feet. The climb is mostly class 2 with a few small scrambles over a boulder field that starts up Hell Roaring Creek.

Smokey Mountains

Saivers Peak is the tallest mountain in the Smokeys (which are located on one side of Sun Valley). The climb of Saivers Peak starts at Galena Summit and follows the ridge over two nunammed points then over Titus Peak, Bromaghin Peak and finally to the top of Saivers Peak at an elevation of 10,441 feet.

Kings Peak

2013-06-14 -> 2013-06-16
Kings Peak is the highest mountain in Utah at an elevation of 13,528 feet. The mountain is located in the Unita Mountains on the North Eastern border of the state. Due to the dry year we were able to get up into the mountains early and as one of the first possible weekends we walked up the Henry\\\'s Fork of the Green River to form base camp and I climbed the peak from there.

Smokey Dome

Smokey Dome is the tallest peak in highest peak in the Solider Mountains at an elevation of 10,095 feet. The Solider mountains are the mountain range just north of Fairfield Idaho which is a small town on the road between Boise and Sun Valley. The climb was a nice day hike from outside of Fairfield to the summit.
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