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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus sits in the Wasatch Mountains right out side of Salt Lake City. On this visit to my grandparents we took a day and climbed to the top of the peak and back. The climb starts right on the edge of Wasatch Boulivard and climbs 4,000 feet in about 3.5 miles.

Owyhee Mountains

The Owyhee Mountains are a isolated range South of Boise near the Idaho Border. I have been in these mountains a bit but have yet to climb them and after I couldn't make it to the top eariler in the year due to snow I returned and climbed to the top of three main summits, War Eagle Mountin, Turntable Mountain and Hayden Peak (the top of Cinnabar Mountain).

Boise Peak

Boise Peak is one of the last peaks I had to summit on the Boise Ridge. This ended up being one of my longer hikes as I started from the foot hills, hiked up to the peak then along the ridge and down another valley. In total I ended up walking 18 miles in about 9 hours.

Bogus Basin

Two of the bigger peaks at the Bogus Basin ski hill are Shafer Butte and Mores Mountain. It was high time I climbed to the top of these two summits so this was a short trip from the ski resort up the snow covered back side of Shafer Butte and then down and across to Mores Mountain.

Danskin Peak

Danskin Peak is the highest peak in a small range of mountains called the Danskins. Atop the peak is an old look out. My climb was to start on the South Fork of the Boise on the backside and spend the day climbing up the mountain. The climb was a nice hike in which I got to see lots of wildlife.

Bald Mountain (Owyhees)

Bald Mountain is a lower mountain in the Owhyees that gives a good view of them. The climb is a short climb from the Silver City road. After an attempt to climb to the top of some of the Owhyees early in the season I spent the day walking though a blizard and then the snow and ended up being way to deep. So after not climbing War Eagle, I drove and took a short hike to the top of Bald Mountain to enjoy the view.

Kaweah Mountains

2012-08-10 -> 2012-08-16
Located in the center of Sequoia National Park, the Kaweah Mountains are a rugged ridge that heads south from the Great Western Divide. This was a 6 day trip to base camp at the Big Arroyo river from which we did two climbs. One climb was up Mount Kaweah (13,802') and over to Second Kaweah (13680'). The second was a difficult class 3 up Black Kaweah (13680'). On the way out I climbed both Empire Mountain (11,550') and Sawtooth Peak (12,343').

Lost River Mountain

Lost River Mountain is the sixth tallest mountain in Idaho at an elevation of 12,078 feet. This was the last of the nine 12,000+ peaks I needed to climb. After a nice straight forward solo climb up the standard route, I had reached my goal of summiting all of Idaho's 12,000+ foot peaks.

Mount Idaho

Mount Idaho is the seventh tallest mountain in Idaho at an elevation of 12,065 feet. This was the second to last of the 12,000 foot mountains I needed to climb in Idaho and so on a nice August weekend I climbed Mount Idaho and then Lost River Mountain to complete the Idaho 12ers achievement.

Castle Peak

2012-07-20 -> 2012-07-22
Castle Peak is a very Prominent peak in Idaho. At an elevation of 11,815 feet it is a good amount taller than it's surrounding neighbors and as such can be spotted from many peaks though out the state.
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