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Decker Peak

2012-07-04 -> 2012-07-08
It was time to return to the Sawtooth Mountains and climb Decker Peak, its third tallest peak at an elevation of 10,704 feet. I took an extra day off of work and got a five day weekend after the Fourth of July and backpacked 25 miles through the Sawtooths from Grandjean to Redfish Lake. A good paced trip with enough time to take a day to summit Decker Peak and stay two nights at Upper Cramer Lakes.

Steel Mountain

Steel Mountain a major high point in the Boise Mountains. This isolated mountain sits above the surrounding area at an elevation of 9,730 feet. I took a class 2 route up the southwest ridge, and then looped around to come down the northwest ridge giving me a good view of the impressive north face.

Trinity Mountain

Trinity Mountain is a lookout on top of the tallest peak in a small group of peaks and lakes known as the Trinities. From the lookout at out an elevation of 9,451 you have a good view of the Boise mountains and can see from Lucky Peak all the way to the Sawtooths.

Mount Borah

Mount Borah is the tallest peak in the state of Idaho at an elevation of 12,662 feet. Due to it's status this mountain gets a lot of climbers. This climb there were over a hundred people attempting to summit Mount Borah.

Bighorn Crags

2011-08-13 -> 2011-08-18
The Bighorn Crags are a group of crags located in the Frank Church Wilderness (Idaho Primitive Area). The Bighorn Crags are a good collection of granite peaks and high mountain lakes. This trip took us 12 miles into the Crags to camp at Ship Island Lake and from there climb Sheepeater Mountain (9,920 feet) and Mount McGuire (the tallest in the crags at 10,082 feet).

Darwin Basin

2011-08-04 -> 2011-08-08
Darwin Basin is a high basin full of lakes located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains within Kings Canyon National Park. To climb Darwin Peak we walked up and over the High Sierra (12,000 foot high mountain passes) into the Darwin Basin / Evolution Canyon. From there we climbed Lamark Peak and Darwin Peak, the giant in the area with an elevation of 13,831 feet.

Ryan Peak

Ryan Peak is the tallest in the Boulder Mountains outside of Ketchum along Idaho Highway 75. The peak itself is 11,795 feet and gives a nice view of the area.

Pollock Mountain

Pollock Mountain is a look out located near the Seven Devils. At an elevation of 8,048 feet this lookout has a great view of the Devils. The climb was up a nice trail to the lookout which is one of the few still in use by the Forest Service.

Scott Peak

Scott Peak is located on the southern end of the Beaverhead range (along the Idaho/Montana border). The mountain itself is 11,393 feet and is located just off the Continental Divide along the Idaho/Montana border. From the top of the mountain you can follow a ridge to Webber Peak and continue to an unnamed point that is the highest point in Clark County.

Sal Mountain

Sal mountain is a somewhat isolated peak right out of Salmon Idaho between the Lemhi and Salmon rivers. The mountain has an old look out on top of it and mines on its sides and gives a good view of the area since the peak is somewhat removed from the major Lemhi Mountains.
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