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Two Point Mountain

Two point mountain is the tallest in the Boise Mountains with an elevation of 10,124 feet. This rugged mountain gives a great view of the Sawtooths and the Boise Mountains.

Santa Rosa Mountains

2011-06-17 -> 2011-06-19
Santa Rosa Mountains are are group of mountain off of Highway 95 on the Oregon/Nevada border. We went up the backside of the mountains and attempted to climb Santa Rosa Peak from there. We did not make it to the top of Santa Rosa Peak but climbed an unnamed peak of an elevation of 9,153 feet.

Cannonball Mountain

Cannonball Mountain is a rounded/forested mountain that sticks up just off the Seven Devils. This made of a good early climb and gave a great view of the Seven Devils covered in snow.

Selway Crags

2010-09-04 -> 2010-09-06
The Selway Crags follow the ridge line between the Lochsa and Selway Rivers also know as Wounded Doe Ridge. The white granite intrusion crags are very beautiful mountains of the color with the green forest and wild flowers in contrast with the white rocks. The goal was to climb Mount Fenn, but due to lack of time we did not make it and instead climbed around on the closer mountains.

Norton Lakes

Norton Lakes are in a nice group of lakes outside of Ketchum. The lakes are located under Norton Peak in the Smokey Mountains. There are over ten lakes and ponds around the mountains. Although the mountains are in geographically a part of the Smokey Mountains, their geology is very similar to the Boulder Mountains just on the other side of the Wood River.

Pistol Creek to Soldier Creek

2010-08-12 -> 2010-08-20
50 mile backpacking trip which started at Snowshoe Summit at the head waters of Pistol Creek. From there we walked down Pistol Creek to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Up the Middle Fork to Soldier Creek and then up Soldier Creek to Cutthroat Lake. Finally we walked though the lakes until we finished at the trail head below Langer Lake.

Silver City

Silver City is an old mining town located in the Owyhee Mountains. These are pictures from one of my few trips to the area.

Highway 101

2010-08-05 -> 2010-08-08
Photos from a trip down Highway 101 from the North West point to San Francisco.

Mount Corruption

Mount Corruption is located at the head waters of the Pahsimeroi in the Lost River Mountains. At an elevation of 11,851 feet this peak sits off the main Lost River Mountain crest and gives a great view of the majority of the Idaho 12ers.

The Ogre

2010-07-09 -> 2010-07-11
The Ogre is a nice class 2 climb in the Seven Devil Mountains. This was a return trip to the mountain in which we backpacked to the back side of the Ogre at Hanson Lakes and climbed the mountain from there.
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