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The Middle Fork

2008-05-17 -> 2008-05-21
The Middle Fork of the Salmon River runs a hundred miles though the heart of the Salmon River Mountains in the Frank Church Wilderness. Besides for a single road which allows for boat access near the headwaters at Boundary Creek, the only access to the Middle Fork is by trail or plane. The river is one of the more popular week long trips in which there is a lottery system for the permits. The Middle Fork Canyon is carved deep into the Salmon River Mountains and is a sight that I hope to return to many times.

Cache Peak

Cache Peak is a 10,339 foot peak towering south of the Snake River near the Idaho/Utah boundary. Cache Peak is located in the Albion Mountains and is the highest peak south of the Snake River in Idaho. Being a ten thousand foot plus peak and the highest in the local region it was a climb we have talked about from time to time, and the time ended up begin the night of August 25th, 2007.

Seven Devils

2007-07-29 -> 2007-08-04
The Seven Devils are a group of rugged mountain peaks located between the Snake River and the Rapid River. The peaks top out at an elevation of 9,400 feet and drop steeply into Hells Canyon to an elevation around 1200 feet. In this trip to the Seven Devils we spent seven days and climbed seven devils, a goblin and an ogre.

Mount Loening

Mount Loening is the tallest peak on the Tango Peak Ridge located roughly between Loon Creek and the West Fork to the Yanky Fork of the Salmon River. This set of peaks, located on a southern nob of the Frank Church, seems to see less traffic than the adventure 'hot' spots which I do enjoy.

Sawtooth Lake

2007-06-29 -> 2007-07-01
Sawtooth lake is a large and deep lake (about 3/4 mile long) high in the Sawtooth Mountains. This was a weekend trip by the lake in which we started in Gran Jean and walked up and over the north fork of Baron Creek to get to Sawtooth Lake. Then from the lake we walked down into Iron Creek trail head just outside of Stanely.

Boulder Chain Lakes

Boulder Chain Lakes are a part of the many lakes scattered around the peaks of the White Cloud mountains. Our access the the lakes was from the East Fork of the Salmon River. From the east fork you can follow Little Boulder Creek most the way to the Lakes. At the fork of Boulder Chain Lakes Creek, you then follow it north into the lakes. The chain lakes include Waterdog Lake, Willow Lake, Hatchet Lake, Shelf Lake, Slide Rock Lake, Lodgepole Lake, Hourglass Lake, Hummock Lake, Hidden Lake, Scoop Lake, Headwall Lake, and Lonesome Lake.

Chamberlain Basin

2006-08-14 -> 2006-08-25
Chamberlain Basin was the heart of the portion of the Frank Church Wilderness Jason and I backpacked across. Our ten day, 100+ mile adventure took us from the South Fork of the Salmon River up and over into Chamberlain Basin. From there we worked our way to Big Creek, which we followed to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. From the Middle Fork we worked our way into the Big Horn Crags at met up with horses, fresh food and resupplies at Barking Fox Lake.

Hyndman Peak

Hyndman Peak is the 9th tallest peak in Idaho at an elevation of 12,009, the smallest of the Idaho 12,000+ foot peaks. The peak itself is the tallest in the Pioneer Mountains, which are outside of Sun Valley. The standard route from outside of Sun Valley is class 2 climb and its location provides an excellent view of the Idaho mountains.

Thompson Peak

Thompson Peak is the highest peak in the Sawtooth Mountains and as such its summit was a prime target for adventure. Located in the northern reaches of the Sawtooths, the summit tops out at an elevation of 10,751 feet. Thompson Peak is accessible from the north via Goat Creek. You can reach Goat Creek from the Iron Creek trail head just outside of Stanley.

Bench Lakes

The Bench Lakes are a group of lakes that are located on a few 'benches' above Red Fish Lake and below Mount Heyburn in the Sawtooths. The lakes are up a canyon accessible from the Red Fish Lake Lodge. Though the mantained trail only makes it to the lowest of the lakes, there is an unmarked trail that you can follow via blazes and cairns to reach the upper two lakes.
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