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California Adventure

2010-05-15 -> 2010-05-25
A collection of photos from a trip to Oakland and the bay area. This trip includes photos of Oakland and the old union station, Sonoma Lake and the Coast.

Mount Church and Donaldson Peak

Mount Church and Donaldson Peak are two of the Idaho 12ers that are located right next to each other. This was a climb that I was to summit both of them on a single trip. Mount Church is the third tallest in Idaho at an elevation of 12,200+ feet, while Donaldson Peak is the eighth tallest at an elevation of 12,023 feet.

Snowyside Peak

2009-09-04 -> 2009-09-07
Snowyside Peak is the fifth tallest in the Sawtooths at an elevation of 10,651 feet and sits up above two beautiful lake filled valleys in the Sawtooths. This trip I was to do a loop where we walked up into Alice Lake. Climbed Snowyside Peak from there, then up and over and loop back down the Toxaway Lake valley.

Gospel Hump

2009-08-20 -> 2009-08-22
The Gospel Hump Wilderness area can be accessed via a road that drives up to a high mountain ridge which gives a narrow corridor into the Wilderness. From there I did a hike where I climbed over the top of Gospel Peak to get to Pyramid Peak. From there I dropped down into the valleys and made my way back to camp.

Gospel Hump Attempt

Tried to make it into the Gospel Hump mountains but the high roads were still covered with snow. This is a collection of photos from our exploration around the lower roads that were clear of the snow.

Castle Peak

Castle Peak is a very Prominent peak in Idaho. At an elevation of 11,815 feet it is a good amount taller than it's surrounding neighbors and as such can be spotted from many peaks though out the state.

Ruffneck Peak

2008-08-22 -> 2008-08-24
Ruffneck Peak is part of a group of granite crags that follow a ridge line above the upper Middle Fork. The main ridge extends from Ruffneck Peak and follows the Middle Fork north to Big Solider Mountain. Ruffneck Peak is the tallest of these peaks at 9,407 feet and has a old lookout on its summit.

The White Knobs

2008-08-07 -> 2008-08-09
The White Knob Mountains are a ridge of mountain located between the Lost River Mountains and the Pioneer Mountains outside of Mackay Idaho. I took a back dirt road up and over the edge of the White Knobs and dropped down into Copper Basin. I then climbed to the top of Wildhorse Look out which provided a grand view of both the Pioneers and the Lost River Mountains.

Leatherman Peak

Leatherman Peak is the second tallest mountain in the state of Idaho at an elevation of 12,230 feet. During a multiple day camping excursion into the Upper Pahsimeroi, Jason and I climbed to the top of Leatherman Peak from the trail head up the West Fork of the Pahsimeroi.

Mount Breitenbach

Mount Breitenbach is the 5th tallest mountain in Idaho at an elevation of 12,140 feet. This was one of the two mountains we climbed on a multiple day trip up into the Upper Pahsimeroi River. From our camp near the end of the road East Fork to the Pahsimeroi, Jason and I took an non standard route around Mount Breitenbach's impressive north face to its south side, then up a gully on its south side.
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